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Toddler Tuesday ~ Gingerbread House December 7, 2011

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I’m posting this a day late.  This whole “graduate school while working full time and a toddler running around screaming” thing is starting to catch up with me.  Two weeks left… Two weeks left…


This week’s Toddler Tuesday post isn’t very original.  I was at Michael’s craft store picking up a few things for some upcoming sensory boxes.  I saw that all of their foam crafts were 60% off for that day only.  Yay!  I picked up a gingerbread house and promised Little Man we’d build it right after dinner.



His job was to punch out all of the pieces.  He tried to help me put the stickers on the roof, but quickly decided that wasn’t as much fun as actually playing with the little foam gingerbread man.  He started to get frustrated that the door of the house didn’t actually open.


Now, we know that it’s the process, and not the final product that really counts when working with young children.  However, this process was a little less than exciting.  Mommy did all the building while Little Man kept trying to squeeze the pieces through the windows.  Anyway, here’s our final product.



We did have some fun with facial expressions after we finished though!


“Little Man, let’s take a picture with your house to send to Grandma.”



“Come on now, be serious.”



“Little Man!  Smile!”



And there you have it… I still never managed to get a real smile.


Question:  What projects have you tried with your little one that ended up being more work for Mommy?


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