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Thoughts on Thursday ~ Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree December 7, 2011

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Have you seen all the Countdown to Christmas ideas on Pinterest?  Super cute!!!  This year, I decided to try the 25 Christmas books idea.  Ideally, you would wrap 25 different Christmas books that you own.  Every night, your little one gets to pick one to unwrap.  It’s a great idea, really.  Unwrapping a present each night minimizes some of the rush to open all of the other presents.  Reading a new story each night has an almost infinite number of benefits.  You could even number the books to add in a few math skills.


I’m not that good.  We’re reading 25 different Christmas books.  However, they’re not wrapped.  Not numbered.  It’s not a huge production to pick one out each night.  Little Man probably doesn’t even understand the concept of what I’m doing.  Most likely because I never tried to explain it.  All of our books came from the library.  They’re in a stack on his shelf.  We’ve been reading two each night… a new one that I pick and a reread of one that he picks (he wants to read the “fire” book every night).


Anyway, most of the books we’re reading are new to me.  I’ve never read them before.  If you’ve every tried to check out holiday books from the library during the holiday season, you’ll know that most of them (especially the “big” ones) are already checked out.  I have my classroom collection of books, but they’re being used (in my classroom) right now.  They’ll be brought home after next week.


As we’ve read through these new books, I’ve found some that I really love and some that I didn’t love so much.  I did, however, find one that will be a staple for me every  year.  And I want to share it with you.


I bring you … Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree.



Mr. Willowby gets a new Christmas tree.  But it’s too tall!  It bends over at the top!  He chops off the top part and it gets passed on to someone else.  It keeps going in a great progression of “biggest to smallest.”  It’s such a cute story and so easily lends itself to discussion about sharing with others, giving to those in need, and the spirit of Christmas … not to mention some GREAT math skills!


Immediately after reading this, I added a few ideas into my lesson plans for next week.  Stay tuned!


Question:  What’s your favorite Christmas picture book?