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Thoughts on Thursday ~ New Year Resolutions December 22, 2011

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Every single year, I make resolutions.  I almost never stick to them.  I think I make my goals to broad.  I’m a big “lists” person.  I love my daily to-do lists.  I like being able to cross something off and know for sure that it’s done.  So, this year, I’m trying something new.  Instead of making the traditional resolutions of “lose weight” or “eat better,” I’m going to try giving it a list-style spin.


Here it is…

100 runs

100 strength workouts

100 new recipes

100 books


I have a new workout buddy and it’s been great.  I want to set a concrete goal though.  We exercise early in the morning (4:30), and it’s really easy to cancel.  We’re tired.  I have a headache.  Little Man was up all night.  So on and so forth.  If we stick to our plan, we’ll fit in well over 100 workouts.  Ideally.  Last year I resolved to run a 5K.  It didn’t work out.  I’m taking it back a step this year.  I just want to train for one.  If I end up signing up for a race later in the year, then yay!  🙂  I want to at least run 100 times.  I’m also planning on 100 strength workouts as well.


I want to at least try 100 new recipes.  Some will work out and end up being posted and put into the recipe box.  Some won’t.  I just want to at least try 100 new recipes.  Easy enough, right?


I love to read, but with grad school, work, and Little Man, I’ve slacked off a bit.  I just haven’t had the time.  I have officially graduated now, so I’m ready to tackle my to-read pile again!  Here’s how I count my books.  If I completely finish it, it obviously counts.  If I read at least half of it and know that I didn’t like it and don’t plan on finishing it, then I count it too.  I at least gave it a good solid effort.  If I read part of it, but put it down to try again later, it doesn’t count.  Short stories count (as far as I’m concerned), but several short stories in one book only count as one book.  I usually only read short stories if they’re part of a series that has full novels.  This method of counting isn’t the same as others might use, but it’s how I work.  And since I’m only counting for me, then I figure I can do it however I want!  🙂


I’m thinking about setting up a page to track my progress, but I’m sure you’ll hear about it through my “Thoughts on Thursday” posts as well.  I have a few other resolutions that I’m planning on adding.  More on those later…


Question:  Do you make resolutions?