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Hello! November 9, 2011

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Hi! I’m Courtney. Welcome to my little piece of the blogging world! I love to cook and to provide delicious, fun meals for my family. I hope to share recipes and other chit chat from my life as a vegetarian mom!

Here’s a little about my journey as a vegetarian. I’ve tried being a vegetarian twice in my life. The first time, I was married to my ex-husband and we had just given birth to our son. I loved the way I felt with the new diet, but life changed. We ended up going through a divorce. It was difficult to explain that choice to others. In addition, trying to maintain a positive, healthy diet was hard. In my new role as a single mother, money and time were tight. It was so much easier to heat up some frozen chicken nuggets and macaroni. Looking back now, none of my reasons for letting myself go were good reasons. They were excuses. However, I learned from those reasons. I tried to take on much too drastic of a change at one time. I tried to go completely vegan overnight. I tried to use “fake” meats to replace the foods I was used to cooking. I didn’t pay attention to the nutrients I was taking in (or leaving out). Lessons learned.

Now, I’m in a much different place in life. I’m in a new relationship with an old best friend (more on that later). 🙂 We’ve made the choice together to eat clean and raise the little man in the healthiest way possible. We have chosen to try to live as “green” as possible, including our diets. I have learned from my choices in the past and have had much better success this time. My cooking skills have progressed and I’m not so nervous about trying new techniques or ingredients. I’ve found recipes that I love that don’t use the “fake” meats. I have found that I don’t have to give up my favorite comfort foods, but that there are cleaner versions. It’s still a journey in progress. I still have days that I crave a giant bacon cheeseburger. I’m just living and learning as I go. Join us!